WFC develops and produces high-performance antiscalants/dispersants for reverse osmosis systems, using the most advanced techniques in nanotechnology. They can effectively inhibit and control scaling on membrane surface, reduce particulate fouling, improve water quality and lower operation cost.

Our products are compatible with all membrane types and system components and comply with ANSI/NSF Standard 60 requirements and may be used on potable water systems. Neither product contains phosphate/phosphonate or its derivatives. All of our antiscalants are available in liquid concentrate, liquid and powder presentations.

WFC offers a great variety of highly efficient membrane cleaners to enhance performance and prolong life of the elements. Formulated to function on all types of membranes, these cleaners are designed to remove a variety of foulants commonly found in RO, UF and NF systems including inorganic, organics, greases and silica deposits. Our membrane cleaners are available in liquid and powder presentations.

our membrane cleaners are already highly buffered for use without pH adjustment, letting the cleaning solution to keep on working until all of the foulant has reacted.

Membranes systems are prone to fouling due to biofouling. Biofouling can form a basis to collect other litter and lead to further problems.

We offer a comprehensive range of fast-acting, non-ionic, non-oxidizing biocides to be used on line or as a part of a cleaning or maintenance program to control biofouling. Effective at low concentrations, these biocides are used to clean and sanitize membranes, increasing productivity rate, minimizing the impact of biogrowth on the operations of your systems.

Our pretreatment line of chemicals was engineered to enhance the operating efficiency and economy of the membrane systems.

WFC provides a range of high peformance coagulants, filter aids, soils dispersants, greases and oils dispersants, membrane preservatives, and more. Our pretreatment products are compatible with all of our antiscalants. We offer a complete line of RO Filter Aid products designed to keep your membrane systems free of silt.